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April 27, 2018

I have been using Driving Miss Daisy since February 2018, after my highly specialised drive-from-wheelchair car provided by Motability was declared a write off. I’ve had Cerebral Palsy from birth & after several years of deterioration, I use an electric wheelchair for the majority of the day, and travel with a working assistance dog provided by Canine Partners, named Etta.

Driving Miss Daisy has been a lifeline, after my highly specialised drive-from-wheelchair car provided by Motability was declared a write off. That car was my key to independence; without it, isolation and depression set in.

Driving Miss DaisyDriving Miss Daisy has, once again, given me the freedom to be an active participant in the local community, I volunteer at Sue Ryder and Blue Cross Re-homing Centre, which I find hugely rewarding as I give something back.

I value being taken to Kingfisher Leisure Centre, as various group fitness classes enable me to exercise, to support my physical and mental wellbeing. My Daisy driver, Nigel, is always punctual, and gives off an approachable and welcoming vibe. Nigel offers a first-class, professional service that is specifically tailored to meet my needs. Thank you for your caring ways, genuine kindness and for adding those little extra touches, which don't go unnoticed and mean so much to me, making life a little easier.




Driving Miss Daisy provide companion driving services for the elderly, children, disabled and anyone who is unable to drive. 

With over 30 UK branches, the brand is quickly becoming recognised as social entrepreneurs, as they address three key issues of:-

  • The ever changing community needs
  • The overstretched Welfare State and
  • Social exclusion (such as loneliness)

They also offer up new franchisees with an ideal client base to grow a thriving and profitable business, whilst embracing the brand’s vision and passion.

For more information about using the Driving Miss Daisy community service, please click here and for franchise opportunities please go to

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