Familial Exudative Vitreoretinopathy

YHA boosts 8-year-old’s bucket list of wishes

Family Breaks programme

A Yorkshire mum has thanked, Family Breaks programme, a leading youth charity for helping make one of her son’s dreams come true as his sight deteriorates.

Fred Howe, aged 8 from Haxby, suffers from a progressive eye condition which may eventually cost him his sight. Before that day, Fred’s mum Karen is helping him fulfil his bucket list of experiences which he has named Fantastic Mr Fred’s Flight For Sights, in honour of his favourite book Fantastic Mr Fox.

Thanks to YHA (England and Wales), the youngster and his family, which includes mum Karen, sister Eva (10) and dad Dave, got to experience the London Marathon. 

YHA’s Communities Team arranged for the family to have grandstand seats in St James Park, the finish line of the race.