Matthew Reeve on father Christopher's paralysis at Neurokinex Kids launch

Neurokinex Kids facility

UCan2 catches up with Matthew Reeve, Christopher Reeve’s elder son and Vice Chairman of International Development for the Reeve Foundation, as he helps to launch Neurokinex Kids – a facility in Gatwick designed to treat children affected by paralysis.

How does a spinal cord injury affect the wider family?

“When a family member sustains a spinal cord injury everyone is automatically involved and everyone’s lives change – not just the person who sustained the injury. Suddenly, instantly there are things you used to do together that you can no longer do, places you used to go you can no longer go to and the future you thought you once had is completely different.” 

How did your family cope with your father Christopher’s injury?

Spinal Charity Aims To 'Strike a Cord' With Parliamentary Reform

Spinal cord injuries are inevitably life-changing, but proper medical care can be hard to come by, with many spinal cord injured people forced to wait weeks or months for specialist treatment. Thus, the already slim chances of making a full recovery are significantly reduced.

In a bid to improve the status quo, the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) has launched a parliamentary campaign that aims to secure timely and comprehensive treatment for spinal cord injured people. The organisation is fighting for better access to clinical expertise, specialist care and rehabilitation services, as well as emotional support for patients and families.